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Having a Park or Beach Wedding on The Gold Coast????

Council Permits for Gold Coast Weddings.

If you are planning on holding your wedding ceremony in a public area on the Gold Coast, either in a park, garden or beach, you must have an approved council permit to do so.
As soon as you have chosen your desired location, its a good idea to fill out a council application form as soon as possible. Popular parks and beach spots on the Gold Coast can be booked out well in advance, so first in best dressed!
 Filling out a council application is very easy, and the council normally can give you a response to your application within 10 working days.
Some councils may have a small fee that you need to pay with your application form. You will need to check with your local council.
If your application is approved, there are several terms and conditions that you need to abide by. Its a good idea to know these rules, and stick to them. There can be fines if you dont. Submitting the application to council for your Gold Coast wedding ceremony is even easier when you book with Forever Yours Weddings as we are happy to organise all the paperwork for you keeping your wedding day planning hassle free. Council application forms for the Gold Coast Weddings can be found at the website links below:

Gold Coast Beach Wedding


Gold Coast Park Wedding


But be sure to contact us & we will take the hassle out of your wedding planning!

Before you are “Married on the Gold Coast” you need to:

We will help you find the perfect authorized Gold Coast Celebrant for you:

As you will need to give notice of your intent to marry
This form needs to be completed and given to your Marriage Celebrant not less than 1 month and 1 day prior to your ceremony or can be completed up to 18 months in advance. Download this form here and read carefully before attempting to complete.

To comply with all of the legal requirements of the NOIM form, your celebrant must sight the following documents:

– Evidence of your identity to the marriage celebrant

(evidence of the date and place of birth (birth certificate) of both partners (for people born outside Australia, a current passport is also required)

– Evidence of your eligibility to marry to the marriage celebrant

(evidence of any previous divorce or death of any previous spouse), if applicable (e.g. divorce papers, death certificate).

– Be of marriageable age
(you can only marry if you are 18 years or older).

You will need also:

–          Two witnesses over the age of 18 must be present at the marriage ceremony.

–          If either partner can’t speak English, you will need to have an interpreter present at the ceremony. The interpreter must sign a statutory declaration to certify their faithful performance in the role. For interpreting services, contact the Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) – Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) – (http://www.immi.gov.au/living-in-australia/help-with-english/help_with_translating).

Forever Yours Wedding Planners will help you every step of the way so do not worry we are help to ensure your planning process & day is simply bliss..

 A Special Touch

 5 Different Ways to Pop the Question

1. A simple yet timeless romantic way to propose is to do it the old fashioned way. In a quiet setting, tell her you love her and expand on different ways that she has enriched your life. Then get down on one knee with the ring in your hand, and ask her to be your wife. Many women will appreciate the classic approach to a marriage proposal.

2. Incorporate her likes and passions into the proposal. For instance, if she is an animal lover, tie the ring to the collar of a puppy using a bright ribbon. As she’s cuddling the puppy, she’s sure to find the ring. Then you can ask her to marry you. She’ll melt at the sight of the new pet (and you down on bended knee), and the pet will have special meaning to both of you.

3. If your future fiancé has always dreamed of going to Europe, ask her to marry you in a foreign language, like French or Italian. Complete the proposal with the promise of a honeymoon in Europe.

4. Tell her your love and happily-ever-after was written in the stars. Adopt a star in both your names.
When you receive the certificate for your star, present it to her with the ring.

5. Make her dreams come true. Many women love to talk about the perfect proposal she has dreamed about since she was a little girl. If she has never told you about her dream proposal, ask her friends and family for help.
Make the proposal tailor-made just for her.
Article courtesy of Susan Sosbe

Doves Add A Beautiful Ending to Your Ceremony!

Recently I have had the pleasure of watching the surprised and smiling faces of both the guests and the Bride and Groom as beautiful white doves were released at the conclusion of the Ceremony.

Wording for a White Dove Release Ceremony
 “Doves choose one partner for life and make this commitment until death. The white dove has been used throughout history as a symbol of Love, Peace, Purity, Faithfulness and Prosperity. It is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured. These birds released here today represent the love and commitment you have given to one another this day. From this day forward, when ever you see a white dove, may you be reminded of this moment”

Father/Daughter & Mother/Daughter First Dance Songs

The First Dance Songs went over so well, I thought I would give you a little help with the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son songs too! (this is one of my favorite parts of the reception, it always brings a tear to my eyes)

▪  · Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion

▪  · Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle

▪  · Daddy’s Hands – Holly Dunn

▪  · Daddy’s Little Girl – Al Martino

▪  · Daughter of Mine – John McDermott

▪  · Have I Told You Lately – Rod Stewart

▪  · Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

▪  · Hero – Mariah Carey

▪  · My Girl – Temptations

▪  · My Special Angel – Bobby Helms

▪  · Sunrise Sunset – Fiddler On The Roof

▪  · The Men In My Little Girl’s Life – Mike Douglas

▪  · Through The Years – Kenny Rogers

▪  · Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler

▪  · Turn Around – Harry Balafonte

▪  · Wild World – Cat Stevens

▪  · I Wish You Love – Dean Martin


▪  Forever Young – Bob Dylan

▪  Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses (or Cheryl Crow version)

▪  Changes – Ozzy Osbourne


▪  A Song For My Son – Bobby Morganstein

▪  A Song For Mama – Boyz II Men

▪  Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion

▪  I Am Your Child – Barry Manilow

▪  I Wish You Love – Natalie Cole

▪  Through The Years – Kenny Rogers

▪  Times of Your Life – Paul Anka

▪  You’re The Inspiration – Chicago

▪  What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

▪  Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler

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